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How to Use Pinterest for Blogging

Almost every time I read a weblog submit on a website, I see a button somewhere at the web page, giving me the selection to pin the submit.

This got me questioning, “Why precisely is Pinterest so closely tied to running a blog?”

It may be because Pinterest is an outlet for education. Users how to promote on pinterest for free
create forums to save such things as blogs, inspirational charges, domestic decor thoughts, and future purchases. So it makes feel that useful blog posts are a first rate choice for pinning.

Let’s say you run a weblog. Your subsequent query might be, “Well, how do you operate Pinterest for blogging?”
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In order to faucet into the internet site that is key to using 89% of customers’ purchase choices, most of your resources are already made for you: your blog. We’ll get into why, however there is one thing you must do the minute you decide to create an account.

First aspect’s first, ensure you have got a Pinterest Business account. By signing up for a loose Business account, you get get admission to to Pinterest Analytics, which gives certain insights about the behavior of your pins.

Additionally, Pinterest Business offers you the option to apply for Rich Pins, an upgrade from a regular, or wellknown, pin. There are five forms of rich pins — film, app, recipe, vicinity, product, and article — the latter being the only one for blogging. Article Rich Pins offer equipment to add a bigger logo picture and headline to sell your post with, as well as a hyperlink on your internet site.

When you operate Pinterest for running a blog, you may sell posts, product gives, earn site visitors in your blog, and engage with followers. Let’s dive into the way to do all that, subsequent.

Pinterest for Blogging
Create and name a board after your weblog.
Structure a triumphing pin.
Check search engine marketing from your cease.
Create associated forums.
Create a body of workers board.
Make your weblog Pinnable.
Be sure to have interaction along with your followers.
Include charming photos
Post on agenda.
When considering the way to leverage Pinterest to your blog, think about how you would need customers to find your account, and what you think they would love to look. Pinterest must be a praise on your weblog, and replicate what your logo is.

1. Create and call a board after your weblog.
Keeping regular with how you name forums helps search engine marketing, employer, and readers. This is because readers and search engines may have an easier time finding your weblog on Pinterest if it has a comparable name — as an example, on HubSpot’s Pinterest, you will see a board titled “Marketing blog posts (must-reads!)” which you could find easily by using searching “HubSpot Marketing Blog Pinterest” on Google. You may want to use this blog board to highlight posts that do not in shape into different categories, in addition to making “Roundup” pins of a week’s really worth of posts.

When you pin to this board, ensure to group posts which are in comparable wheelhouses to maintain the company in test. For example, if a reader desires to discover posts approximately product lifecycles, they ought to be capable of without problems locate that in the “Sales” segment of your board, or some thing similar.

Example of a good Pinterest board.
Pins must have 1-2 sentences about your submit inside the description, like a quote from the blog that without a doubt sticks out, a featured photograph, and a hyperlink again to your website (Pinterest Business does this for you).

2. Structure a winning pin.
If you’re wondering how exactly a triumphing pin ought to appearance, we have were given you included.
According to Pinterest, a pin that earns high engagement is: optimized, branded, written efficaciously, and structured effectively. Let’s dive into that a bit deeper.

Optimized— Descriptions come into play right here. Describe your weblog submit or use a quote in a beneficial manner, that tells pinners what they may benefit from their pin.
Branded — Include your logo and ensure the featured photo has to do together with your service or product. That manner, pinners will know what they’re searching at earlier than establishing the pin.
Written effectively — Don’t overlook to consist of a name-to-movement to tug browsers in. Something as easy as “Click this hyperlink to look more!” does the trick. Also, ensure you’re the use of sensory-associated phrases to pull the pinner in and connect to their feelings.
Structured effectively — Make certain you are aware about Pinterest’s factor ratios for photographs and are taking advantage of the linkable alternatives on general pins to boom your visitors.
Let’s observe a prevailing pin in movement:

Example of an optimized pin for Pinterest.
This pin’s description helpfully gives a image of the blog publish in two sentences, telling readers why they would want to read it. Not handiest that, but it makes use of keywords in its description, giving Google the info it wishes to rank on pages. Finally, the sensory-related word “Learn” captivates browsers and is also a CTA.

In terms of visuals, you’ll want pins that stand out. If design isn’t your strong suit, recall the use of Pinterest Templates on this department.


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three. Check search engine optimization out of your give up.
Make sure your Pinterest account can be found via search engines so you have a higher hazard of showing up inside the first pages of seek effects.

First, make certain “public search” is enabled. This may be located in the seek privacy settings of your account. Next, be sure to live consistent with titles — of your pins, boards, and weblog posts. Keeping things regular makes your Pinterest more understandable to Google.

Next, attempt to use as many applicable key phrases as possible whilst naming your forums. If you’re optimizing your blog for SEO, you may take a number of the identical records from your weblog for this.

Finally, offer alt text for featured photographs in your pins. Alt textual content tells search engines like google and yahoo what your photo is, and describing it using key phrases boosts the visibility of your pin. An instance of a terrific alt textual content caption could be “Woman at paintings analyzing about product lifecycles.”

four. Create related boards.
We’ve talked a bit about board advent, however on this section, we’ll awareness on it a bit extra. When you create exclusive forums, you can categorize them by using weblog put up classes. You also can make distinct forums that relate for your audience’s interest.

When you performed marketplace studies, what did you discover approximately the pursuits of your audience? Similarly, consider what your consumer persona could be inquisitive about seeing and make forums for this reason.

To illustrate, in case you run a fitness and fitness blog, you could create forums that need to do with exceptional workout patterns, like aerobic, that mirrors the “Cardio” class to your weblog. But you can also have an “Accessories” board, with pins of your preferred gear to exercising, or a healthful ingesting board, just like this health and fitness account, Blogilates.

Example of Pinterest board names and categories

If you are jogging out of notion for content you could publish to Pinterest, remember referring again for your weblog posts and pulling interesting quotes. Then, create a photo with that quote to diversify your board in a manner that fits your emblem. This method evokes the feelings of pinners, pulling them in.

5. Create a team of workers board.
Because Pinterest is a fantastic possibility for emotional connections, you would possibly recollect growing a body of workers board to expose the faces behind your brand. As a customer, after I sense like I for my part understand the enterprise, I’m more likely to follow them.

To create a team of workers pin, you may have the featured photo be a headshot of the worker. It can be a laugh, spirited, branded, expert — anything fits the tone of your Pinterest. Just make sure it suits the cultured of your emblem.

As for the descriptions, you would possibly put up a short bio it is attractive, in addition to the personnel’ preferred or newest post. This approach brings greater traffic to your blog posts.

6. Make your blog Pinnable.
If you’re using Pinterest, you have to make your blog pinnable. You may have visible them on one-of-a-kind blogs already; they’re buttons with Pinterest’s brand that lets in customers to pin a blog submit from that website.

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